One-day extension to the city of Sinuiju

Sinuiju +1 Day Trip Extension

Paektu Cultural Exchange is able to arrange an extra day to explore the border city of Sinuiju when departing the DPRK by train to Beijing (or Dandong or Shenyang).

About Sinuiju

Situated in the DPRK’s most northwestern point is the little, but not insignificant, city of Sinuiju. Sprawling on the Chinese side, just across the Amnok River, is the city of Dandong. A bridge fittingly named the Sino-Korean Friendship Bridge connects these two border cities and, not surprisingly, this is where a great deal of the DPRK’s international trade happens.


A day trip to Sinuiju presents visitors the opportunity to observe a successful cosmetic factory, view the process of importing and exporting goods to and from China, as well as watch the new infrastructure and business developments taking place in this city now well-known for trade and logistics. In Sinuiju you can also mingle with locals at the central square with its grand statues, visit a museum to learn about the revolutionary feats of the leadership, see an adorable performance by kindergartners, and find out more about the history of this up and coming urban center.

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