One of Paektu Cultural Exchanges main areas of expertise and focus is in bringing trade delegations and investor groups into the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (North Korea).


Independent delegations can be bought in throughout the year, with PCE tailor making not only the itinerary, but most importantly arranging the correct meetings with the correct people to get your project off the ground. There is no one more experienced, or better qualified to facilitate business in the country than us.


One of the best times to visit the country from a business point of view is during one of the many trade fairs held in the country. At PCE we run a number of delegations to coincide with these events, with it also being possible to arrange a private trip tailored around your exact needs. For more details please contact us.


Trade Fairs

Pyongyang Spring International Trade Fair

  • Date – Yearly, mid-May
  • Focus – Consumer goods for import and export. The higher end economy of Pyongyang citizens.
  • Notes – This is one of the major trade fairs held in the country. In 2014 it was noted that it had doubled in size from the previous year, with local people making many transactions, all in hard currency (Euro, Dollar, RMB). This fair is perfect for people looking to explore the consumer goods market in the DPRK, or to potentially showcase their own goods. Various consumer goods such as the locally made computer tablet have been premiered at this event.


Rason International Trade Fair

  • Date – Yearly mid to late August
  • Focus – Consumer goods for the internal market. Vehicles and electronics for export. Economic issues and opportunities related specifically to investment in the Rason Special Econmic Zone (the first in the country)
  • Notes – This the main trade fair for the main, and first economic zone in the DPRK. Lots of consumer goods sold to local entrepreneurs and regular citizens. High focus on vehicles and farm equipment for export. Dominant Chinese and to a lesser extent Russian presence.


Pyongyang Autumn International Trade Fair

  • Date – Yearly, mid to end of September
  • Focus – International trade agreements. Products created by the various foreign trade companies present in the DPRK. Showcasing international products for purchase by the DPRK.
  • Notes – The Autumn International Trade Fair is generally considered the most important for big and serious investors. Participation has greatly increased over the last 5 years and in 2014 there were products and delegations from a number of countries including,  Germany, Russia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Singapore, China, Cuba, Italy and Taipei of China. This fair is an extremely unique experience to see how things work in country and to meet relevant people that matter.



At various times there are one off events, or country specific tours, all of which we can arrange delegations to. As they are announced we will be updating the page here. For more information, or to join, or create a delegation please get in touch.