Paektu Cultural Exchange in cooperation with “Tigers and Magpies” have put together a selection of photos taken the night of the Korea Summit’s gala dinner on April 27th, 2018. We have translated the captions from Korean into English for a wider understanding of what happened when the leaders of North and South Korea and their entourage had dinner and what seems to be many drinks.

Kim Yo Jung, Director of the Propaganda and Agitation Department of the Worker’s Party of Korea, and South Korean First Lady Kim Jung Sook meet for the second time since the PyeongChang Winter Olympics. There was laughter throughout the conversation. President Moon is sitting to the side with a delighted expression on his face.

Minister Kim Yo Jung is offering a glass of alcohol to President Moon. Along with First Lady Kim Jung Sook, the three of them made a toast.

On this day, Kim Jong Un offered glasses of alcohol to many in attendance. Kim Jong Un fills the glasses of South Korea’s Defense Minister Song Young Moo and National Intelligence chief Suh Hoon.

Kim Jong Un talks with the South Korean ruling Democratic Party’s floor leader Rep. Woo Won Shik. Meanwhile, what could Chief of Staff Im Jong Seok and First Lady Ri Sol Ju have been discussing?

Even the mood between Moranbong girl band leader Hyon Song Wol and First Lady Kim Jung Sook, who aren’t strangers, was quite natural.

In order to make great cold noodles, the head chef at North Korea’s famous cold noodle restaurant Okryuguan even flew in a noodle maker. The flavors of beef, chicken, and pheasant broth gave it a rich flavor.

Everyone was interested in the Pyongyang cold noodles. They were delivered quickly by airlift.

The North and South Korean leaders sat beside each other and tried the Pyongyang Cold Noodles. Both of the leaders chose to eat the ‘water based’ cold noodles in a show of unity.

As soon as Foreign Minister Gang Gyeong Hwa took a bite of her Okryuguan Pyongyang Cold Noodles she gave two thumbs up! She said she was amazed by the taste.

On the third floor of the Peace House in Panmunjom, the helpers worked all day to carefully examine the day’s schedule. Im Jong Seok, the preparation chairman for the 2018 Inter Korean Summit, was using his phone when he suddenly got stuck in a thought. Jo Myeong Gyun, Unification Deputy Secretary, and Ju Yeong Hun, Chief of the Presidential Security Service, looked over documents.

Chairman Kim Jong Un said that he would move North Korean standard time from 30 minutes behind, to match that of South Korea’s time. Chairman Kim Jong Un saw the two clocks with different times in the waiting room of the Peace House and said it made him sad. After Kim had a chat with President Moon and his wife, he said they should use this
opportunity where they had made good agreements to start things off by unifying the time.

This now historic photo was taken after a DPRK magician took a 50,000 South Korean won bill and turned it into a US 100 dollar bill. Needless to say Moon Jae In and Marshall Kim Jong Un were deeply amused.

The leader of the Moranbong Girl Band, Hyon Song Wol, sang the South Korean song “Men are ships, women are ports” together while holding hands with South Korean singer Yun Do Hyeon after the magic show was performed.

Thanks to Eddie Provencher for his translations. You can visit his Tigers and Magpies Facebook page here.

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