2017 Wonsan-Mt. Kumgang Seminar on Investment & 13th Pyongyang International Fall Trade Fair*

September 22nd to 26th 2017

5 Days / 4 Nights

Optional 2-Day Extension: September 22nd to 28th | 7 Days / 6 Nights

Beijing | Pyongyang | Wonsan | Mt. Kumgang | Kalma Airport | Pyongsong City | Pyongyang Trade Fair | Beijing

* NOTE: This is a special academic and business focused visit involving meetings and workshops with DPR Korean government officials and stakeholders which is only possible on official visas. This is NOT a tour or handled by a tour company on tourist visas which are limited in where and who they can meet and have stricter restrictions on activities and interactions. That being said, this is an open event and all applications are welcome. 


This is a comprehensive trade and investment-focused visit exploring North Korea’s current economic situation, investment and trade opportunities in Pyongyang, the capital city of North Korea, and the Wonsan-Mt. Kumgang Special Economic Zone (SEZ) located on the East Coast. This exclusive Paektu Cultural Exchange visit includes factory visits, meetings, interactive workshops, a business to business matchmaking session, lectures and discussions with DPR Korean government officials and stakeholders. We will attend the opening ceremonies of the 13th Annual 2017 Pyongyang International (Fall) Trade Fair and meet with entrepreneurs who will showcase their “Made in DPRK” products and services. This visit is in cooperation with the Ministry of External Economic Affairs the Wonsan Development Corporation and Paektu Cultural Exchange.

Pre-Departure (in Beijing Thursday, September 21st)

  Trade mission overview & pre-departure briefing in Beijing
 Attend DPRK Trade and Investment Forum – including expert trade, investment & risk management speakers & Q&A | Welcome dinner

Option: Train in from Dandong option. Depart Dandong Station at 10am arrive in Pyongyang at 5:45pm. Dinner and overnight at the Koryo Hotel. Friday morning Pyongyang city tour & lunch then Depart from Pyongyang to Wonsan at 3:33pm with the entire group. (Minus 100 Euro or 800 RMB)

Investment and Business Highlights

  Attend the 13th 2017 Pyongyang Fall International Trade Fair
  Participate in the 2017 Seminar on Investment in the Wonsan-Kumgangsan Zone
  Conduct guided site inspections of investment projects at Wonsan’s Kalma International Airport
  Network with local DPRK businesses leaders and government agencies
  Learn about investment opportunities in Pyongyang and the Wonsan-Mt. Kumgang Zone
  Attend the DPRK Special Economic Zones and prospects on investment and trade seminar
  Attend a presentation on specific development and investment projects in the Wonsan-Mt. Kumgang Zone with Q&A
  Participate in workshops and business to business matchmaking sessions on proposed investment projects
  Network with foreign businessmen planning to or already doing business in North Korea

Other Highlights

Participate in the Wonsan Mass Dance event with local university students
  Enjoy an evening of fireworks and festivities across the Wonsan Harbor
  Enjoy a special performance from the Kangwon Province Art Troupe
  Take part in a DPRK beer exhibition and sample the country’s top beers
  Visit top culinary restaurants in Pyongyang and Wonsan

About the Pyongyang Fall International Trade Fair

A large variety of new products and technologies are expected to be revealed at the exhibition, including new machinery and developments in IT, electronics, metalwork, electricity, mining, construction, farming and food processing.

The Pyongyang International Trade Fair was first held in 1989 to establish friendly economic relations with foreign countries, as well as to promote the exchange of goods and technology. Subsequently, the DPRK opened the fair to all in order to break into new international markets and attract foreign investment. The second International Trade Fair was held three years later in 1992 and has been held annually since the year 2000.

The host of the exhibition, the Korean International Exhibition Corporation, oversees the introduction of new companies and products, offers consultation on trade, commerce, investments and joint-venture policies.

Matchmaking & Business to Business (B2B) Introductions

Based on your individual or company profile, we can request private and specialized meetings concerning specific investment and trade projects. Please advise us as early as possible and PCE will do it’s very best to accommodate your unique and specific requests.

PCE utilizes its high-level contacts with government officials and more than 20 years of relationships (Kr:관계, Cn:关系) to organize unique meetings and activities that would otherwise not be possible.

A view of the Kumgangsan Tourism area including hotels restaurants and other facilities, Kumgangsan, DPRK.

Social Responsibility

Paektu Cultural Exchange is a social enterprise dedicated to promoting ethical business with a focus on social impact. A significant portion of the delegation fees will support Paektu Cultural Exchange’s Project Samjiyon, providing school supplies and language learning materials to less accessible rural elementary schools in northern Kanggye and Chagang provinces. This is a joint project between Paektu Cultural Exchange and ministry-level DPRK government partners. All donated materials are strictly designed to benefit primary school children and their educators.


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