About the Mission

This trade and investment development mission lead by Michael Spavor explores the current economic environment and various business opportunities in NE China and the Rason Special Economic Zone in the DPRK (a.k.a. North Korea). We will observe and participate in the 6th annual 2016 Rason International Trade Exhibition (RITE) located in the city of Rajin. During this delegation we will meet with foreign experts, DPR Korean, Chinese, Chinese-Korean businessmen and government officials, attend seminars and meetings and experience this region’s unique character and charm. We will also enjoy some of the local Chinese, Chinese-Korean and DPR Korean unique cultural features and culinary specialties and learn more about the economics, politics and history of this diverse region of the world located in what has been called the Tumen Triangle.


Focused Trade and Investment Industries

Garment manufacturing, seafood processing, light industry, agriculture, wind energy, transport, logistics, hotels and restaurants among other services and industries.

Who Should Attend

  • Executives of small, medium or large-size international companies and others interested in learning more about Trade and Investment opportunities in the Rason Special Economic Zone

  • Businesses interested in making new Trade and Investment partners in the DPRK

  • Organizations and individuals interested in business, trade and investment opportunities in DPRK

  • Individuals also interested in learning more about the culture, economics and history of the Yanbian, Rason or the “Tumen Triangle” region



  • Direct access to investment-seeking stakeholders of state-owned companies in the Rason Special Economic Zone

  • First-hand look at successful international joint-venture projects in the DPRK

  • Attend workshops, seminars, presentations including Q&A sessions

  • Multiple opportunities for networking and discussion with Rason business and government agencies (Department of Economic Cooperation of the Rason City People’s Committee) as well as local business leaders

  • Emersion in DPRK culture to foster cultural and business development

  • First-hand look at emerging business opportunities with DPRK enterprises



Based on your individual or company profile PCE can request private and special meetings concerning specific investment and trade projects. Please advise us as in advance as possible or at least 2 weeks before mission departure.

Delegation Cost

  • Standard Package – 1,695 Euro

  • Premium Package – 2,295 Euro

This includes travel permit, all entrances and full board in the DPRK and China.


  • 40% deposit (delegation is limited to 10 participants)

Application Deadline

  • July 25th 2016 (non-US citizens)

  • July 15th 2016 (US citizens)

Full Payment Deadline

  • August 5th 2016


Disclaimer: This itinerary is tentative, and subject to change. It is quite normal and expected for some small changes on any trip to the DPRK, PCE and our hosts always do their best to accommodate our delegations within their abilities. Deposits are non-refundable for administration and advanced booking purposes.

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