A Rural Education Development Initiative in North Korea

Project SAMJIYON (Kor. 프로젝트 삼지연) is a rural education development initiative providing primary (elementary) school children and teachers in Samjiyon County, DPRK (North Korea), with basic school supplies, e-books, English language learning technologies and resources to support and develop childhood education in this remote and less fortunate region of the country.

The GOAL of Project SAMJIYON is to raise funds to provide basic school supplies and equipment to students and teachers in need at a school in Samjiyon County. After achieving the specific goals of our first program targeting one rural primary school, we will expand to include other schools in the Samjiyon County, with hope to expanding to other regions in need in the future.

삼-지-연 [Sam-Ji-Yon] is a North Korean county located in the northern Ryanggang Province at the base of Mount Paektu, bordering Jilin province in northeast China.

JOIN US! We are looking for talented volunteers, partners, and advisors who share the same vision and are interested in contributing to this important project. We are also seeking donors, sponsors and creative ideas to support this project.

In collaboration with our DPRK partners, Paektu Cultural Exchange is launching Project Samjiyon starting with one primary school in Samjiyon. After the successful implementation and continued monitoring, we will continue to cooperate with volunteers, partners and donors to continue supporting rural education development in the DPRK. We see this project having long-term social and educational impacts.

If you would like to donate, get involved or find out more information about Project SAMJIYON please contact us at