Pyongyang Invites Over 500 International Artists to Perform at the 31st April Spring Friendship Art Festival (ASFAF)

PRESS RELEASE (2018-03-10)

Over 500 artists and performers from all over the world have been invited to take part in the April Spring Friendship Art Festival which will take place in Pyongyang from April 11th to April 17th, 2018. 

This event is only held every two years when about 500 foreign dance, music, arts and circus performers come to Pyongyang and perform alongside North Korean artists in musicians throughout the 7-day festival.

The DPRK, South Korea, and the United States have agreed to talks in April and May which has created an unusually peaceful and calm situation on the peninsula. “We are excited to attend and there could even be the possibility of performers from South Korea also performing,” said PCE director Michael Spavor.

The April Spring Friendship Art Festival’s performances, opening and closing ceremonies and official events are unfortunately not open to international tourists but only to guests of the Ministry of Culture, other VIP guests, diplomats, and local Pyongyang citizens.

“This will be a unique and rare opportunity for the public to attend this official event and arts festival, and not as a tourist but as an official guest. When we attended the last spring festival two years ago we had the opportunity to meet most of the international and Korean performers after the performance and we were also able to engage in many social, and cultural activities together which made the trip unforgettable” said Spavor.

As an official partner of the festival, Paektu Cultural Exchange is inviting those interested to attend this exclusive trip from April 10th-19th in Pyongyang as guests of the DPRK Ministry of Culture & the ASFAF Fund.

“Our delegation will depart from Beijing on April 10th and return to Beijing on April 19th. We ask that those interested in attending arrive in Beijing on April 9th for official visa processing. All are welcome but we can only take about 10 additional people so applications will be accepted on a first come first serve basis.”

The trip will cost about 1900 Euro for this 10-day tour which includes all accommodation, transportation, and food in the DPRK as well as Beijing to Pyongyang round-trip transportation. The price will also include attending many international and Korean performances as well as visits to top tourist sites and locations around the country including Pyongyang, the DMZ, Panmunjom, Myohyang Mountain and others.

The festival also coincides with the 106th-anniversary celebrations of the country’s founder Kim Il Sung on April 15th.

Paektu Cultural Exchange (PCE) is a non-profit social enterprise dedicated to facilitating sustainable cooperation and cross-cultural exchanges with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea to promote greater peace, friendship, and understanding.

For more information check the PCE website and social media for updates and contact them if you are interested in attending.  Applications will be accepted until March 15th, 2018.


Note: This is an official trip on official visas NOT tourist visas.

Social Responsibility: 
Proceeds will go towards supporting Project Samjiyon, an education-based developmental initiative in North Korea to purchase school supplies and educational materials for elementary students in rural areas.

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About the April Spring Friendship Art Festival (ASFAF):
The ASFAF has been held every two years since 1982 when international musicians, artists, and performers are invited to Pyongyang, for 10 days of joint performances, joint cultural activities, special events, gala dinners, a fireworks display, mass dancing as well as visits to popular sites around the country.

In 2016, PCE attended and there were over 400 foreign performers from about 20 different countries. Often foreign embassies will send folk and or classical performance groups from their country to promote cultural relations and goodwill with the DPRK.

In 2016, at the previous ASFAF the Russian National Ballet Academy, as well as various music and performance groups participated from Japan, China, the United States, Australia, Ukraine, Cuba, Peru, Finland, Vietnam, Malaysia, Belarus, France, Mongolia, and Bengali. In addition, there were also circus performances from Russia, Mongolia, the US, and Belarus.

This year’s 2018 ASFAF is expecting to host over 500 foreign performers from over 20 different countries including dozens of local performances.

International performers at previous ASFAF’s were also attended rare concerts by the popular Moranbong Band, the Chongbong Band, and the Samjiyon Band as well as dozens of local music, dance, and performances from DPRK performance groups.

For more information visit our website or contact us by email, social media, or our contact links below.

Paektu Cultural Exchange is a non-profit organization facilitating sustainable cooperation through cross-cultural exchanges involving sport, tourism, business and trade with the DPRK.


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On Safety and Security

Despite recent tensions, the DPRK remains to a safe place to travel. As with all of our projects and delegations, we will make sure our guests are thoroughly briefed before traveling to North Korea.

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