What else we can do …

Paektu Cultural Exchange has and engages a diverse, expert network to advise on, plan, and organize a wide variety of activities and exchanges involving the DPRK. We are also involved in the following:

Academic Delegations, Travel Services, and Tours

  • Facilitating academic delegations for universities, academies, and other educational institutions

  • Creating itineraries to bring interested individuals into the DPRK for educational opportunities. We bring foreign experts who are interested in providing educational services to DPRK citizens, as well as creating opportunities whereby foreign visitors can learn from DPRK experts.


Delegations, VIP and Luxury Travel

  • Planning and arranging customized VIP and official delegations to the DPRK, China, and South Korea

  • We offer comprehensive travel logistics and planning programs including visa arrangement, flight reservations, pre- and post-trip information sessions, etc.

Film and Media Projects

  • Managing and organizing opportunities for television and/or documentary filmmakers to gain access and permission to film projects in the DPRK

Advertising, Public Relations, and Publicity

  • Consulting services relating to advertising, public relations and publicity involving the DPRK


Language and Legal Services

  • Project management in the DPRK may require translation, legal and financial services to ensure that our clients’ projects abide by applicable international standards and practices. PCE employs and contracts several native Korean (experts in the DPRK dialect) and Chinese-speaking translators, legal specialists, and financial experts to better serve our clients.

Aid, Donations, and Philanthropy

  • Connecting sponsors and individuals interested in supporting the development of cultural, developmental, and humanitarian projects in the DPRK

  • Encouraging activities to promote sport among kindergarten and primary school children (i.e., providing nourishing foods & vitamins, sports equipment, sports clothing, etc.)

  • Encouraging activities to improve the conditions and opportunities for women, children, and the disabled to engage in sport (i.e., sports uniforms and shoes, sports equipment, sports instruction and training, building of low-cost public fitness & sports areas)


    • We are interested in facilitating new cultural exchanges between the DPRK and foreign countries. Please contact us with any ideas or questions.