Business Exploration & International Spring Trade Fair Mission

to North Korea

Hosted by:

Paektu Group Business Consulting &

Paektu Cultural Exchange

May 20th to 27th, 2018 (Train in – Train out)

8 Days / 7 Nights

1920 Euro

Dandong | Sinuiju | Dongrim | Pyongyang | Kaesong | Nampo


This is a comprehensive trade and investment-focused mission exploring the DPRK’s current economic situation, investment, and trade opportunities in Pyongyang, the capital city of North Korea, Kaesong, Nampo and the Sinuiju Special Administrative Region. This exclusive Paektu Group and Paektu Cultural Exchange visit includes factory visits, attendance at the Pyongyang International Spring Trade Fair, meetings, interactive workshops, a business to business matchmaking session, lectures and discussions with DPR Korean government officials and stakeholders.

This business mission was specifically designed catering to prospective clients who have business interests in the DPRK (North Korea). The goal of this mission is to familiarize those who are interested in the regional business environment and who would like to learn more about the DPRK’s business culture as well as the necessary steps required to actually conduct business in the DPRK. The Paektu Group and Paektu Cultural Exchange has utilized many of its long-term DPRK and Chinese contacts and relationships within North Korea in order to offer this unique fact-finding business focused mission.

Note: This business mission is designed to provide the experience, knowledge, and contacts you will need in order to invest or do trade in the DPRK in the near future if and when sanctions are lifted and regular trade and investment resumes.


Participate in the Pyongyang International Spring Trade Fair
Ride an Mi-17 helicopter around Pyongyang for a spectacular view of the capital city
Dinner on the Taedong river ferry
Pre-departure business forum in Dandong
Visit Panmunjom and DMZ
Visit the Kangso Mineral Water Plant
✪ Foreign Trade Summit held by Ministry level partners at Koryo Hotel, where you will have the opportunity to meet high ranking officials face to face
Visit the Ryuwon Footwear Factory
Visit the Puhung Shopping Mall, the only place in North Korea where tourists are allowed to exchange foreign currency into North Korean won legally
Visit the Sinuiju Cosmetics Plant
Visit the Science Educational Korea Animation Studio
Visit the Cheongsanri Collective Farm
Visit Koryo Ginseng Factory

The DPRK’s Mi-17 is a Russian helicopter in production at two factories in Kazan and Ulan-Ude. It is known as the Mi-8M series in Russian service. It is a medium twin-turbine transport helicopter. There are also armed gunship versions.



Sunday, May 20th, 2018

Day 1: Pre-trip Business briefing

8 PM: North Korea Business Consultation Meeting will be held in Dandong (we will notify you the location of the meeting after your registration process is complete), our honored guests will share their business experiences inside North Korea and introduce the prospects of future investments and business opportunities
Receive DPRK visas and train tickets

Overnight: Dandong (Not included in the mission fee but we will recommend hotels near our office)

An aerial photo taken from an Air Koryo flight, looking down on the unfinished Sino-Korean Friendship Bridge which connects the city of Dandong, China to the city of Sinuiju in the DPRK. (Paektu Cultural Exchange)

Monday, May 21st, 2018

Day 2:  Sinuiju’s Special Administrative Region and the DPRK Border Trade and Investment Zone

8:20 AM, meet at the Dandong Railway Station
10:00 AM, depart from Dandong station
Arrive at the Sinuiju Special Administrative Region
Visit the North Pyongan Province Achievement Pavilion
Visit the Uiju Tonggun Pavilion
Visit the Uiju Revolution Achievement Pavilion
Visit the Sinuiju Kindergarten
Visit the Sinuiju Cosmetics Factory, where the most popular cosmetic brand the “Scent of Spring” [Bomhyanggi] is produced
Arrive in Dongrim County in the afternoon

Overnight: Dongrim Hotel

A female factory worker sneaks a peek at our group in the BomHyangi soap and cosmetic factor in Sinuiju, North Pyongan, DPRK. (Paektu Cultural Exchange)

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018

Day 3:  Pyongyang and the ferry

Visit the Dongrim Waterfall
Travel to Pyongyang via train
5:50 PM arrival at Pyongyang Railway Station, the main station of the world’s deepest subway
Visit the Mansudae Grand Monuments of Kim Il-Sung & Kim Jung-Il and the Chollima Monument
Enjoy dinner on the Taedong river ferry

Overnight: Pyongyang

Mansudae Grand Monuments of Kim Il-Sung & Kim Jung-Il overlook a plaza in Pyongyang. A grand mosaic of Mount Paektu can be seen in the background and they are flanked by revolutionary monuments. Pyongyang, DPRK. (Paektu Cultural Exchange)

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018

Day 4:  Pyongyang International Trade Fair

Visit Kim Il Sung Square, the biggest square in North Korea, and the foreign language bookstore
Visit the Pyongyang International Trade Fair, the biggest international trade fair in North Korea, also the most effective way to introduce foreign products into North Korea
Visit the North Korea Embroidery Graduate School
Arrive in Sunan Airport where you will have the opportunity to ride Mi-17 helicopter to enjoy an air tour above Pyongyang (those who are not interested in an air tour can visit the Pyongyang movie studio instead, the fee for the air tour is not included in the overall fee)
Visit the Ryuwon Footwear Factory, the first factory equipped with injection-moulding technology in North Korea. The factory reaches an annual production capacity of well over a million pairs of shoes, including a variety of trainers and sneakers for athletes of different sports
Visit the Puhung Shopping Mall, the only place in North Korea where tourists are allowed to exchange foreign currency into North Korean won legally

Overnight: Pyongyang

Meeting with a DPRK government representative for investment in the Kumgangsan Special Economic Zone during a previous Paektu Group business mission. Mt. Kumgang, Kangwon Province, DPRK. (Paektu Cultural Exchange)

Thursday, May 24th, 2018

Day 5:  Pyongyang City Tour

Visit the Pyongyang Subway, a good opportunity to experience the daily life of ordinary North Korean people
Visit the Arch of Triumph
Visit Kim Il Sung University
Visit the Science Educational Korea Animation Studio, which used to be the biggest cartoon producer in the world, and one of the few companies in the country that allows foreign trade.
Visit the Pyongyang Information Center
Arrive in Kaesong for the evening

Overnight: Traditional Kaesong Folk Hotel

Friday, May 25th, 2018

Day 6:  DMZ: Panmunjom & Kaesong

Visit Panmunjom and DMZ
Visit Sungkyunkwan University, one of the first Confucius institutes in Korea
Visit Koryo Ginseng Factory, one of the most influential state-owned enterprises. “Kaesong” Ginseng has less moisture content and higher saponin content, with no industrial pollutants and utilization of chemical fertilizers during the production process, ginseng from Kaesong is known worldwide for both high quality and nutrition.
Return in Pyongyang in the evening

Overnight: Pyongyang

The Panmunjom Joint Security Area, many of the peninsulas defining events have happened here. Kaesong, DPRK. (Paektu Cultural Exchange)

Saturday, May 26th, 2018

Day 7:  Trade Summit with Ministry Officials

Arrive in Nampo
Visit the Cheongsanri Collective Farm
Visit the Kangso Mineral Water Plant Arrive in Pyongyang on the afternoon
Attend the Foreign Trade Summit held by the Ministry of Foreign Trade at the Koryo Hotel, where we will have the opportunity to meet high ranking officials face to face

Overnight: Pyongyang

Casual drinks and discussions with DPRK partners, Chinese, Taiwanese, and Hong Kong prospective investors in the DPRK, Pyongyang, DPRK (Paektu Cultural Exchange)

Sunday, May 27th, 2018

Day 8:  Return to China

Back in China (Arrive in Dandong by train before 5 PM)


Cost: 1920 Euro

Deposit: 350 Euro to reserve your place (remaining balance must be paid prior to departure)
- Tour Application Deadline: May 15th, 2018

Note: The price for our Chinese guests is 12,000 RMB and Foreign Guests re 14,500 RMB (1920 Euro). The price for non-Chinese guests is slightly more expensive due to higher fees incurred

All meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner; meals include water and or a beer, except on train)
Return Train tickets from Dandong (China) – Pyongyang-Dandong
Transportation within the DPRK during the program
Accommodation in the DPRK (standard room, double occupancy)
Travel insurance: All of our guests are insured during the entire trip to the DPRK.
Smiles, jokes, anecdotes, basic DPR Korean language skills and some fun and interesting stories to go along with each day’s activities

Not Included
✪ Tips for our Korean guides and driver minimum 5 Euro (50 RMB) per person per day
 In-house laundry, telephone fax, pay TV, drinks and other personal consumption
Some other optional tickets such as Juche Tower 5 Euro, and rides at amusement parks
 DPRK visa fee (50 Euro)
Meal on trains
Additional snacks, liquor and alcohol (e.g. ~0.5–2 Euro per beer)
Souvenirs, personal expenses, and other amenities
 Pyongyang air tour (Cost TBA)

Mobile phone and data communication services: About 200 USD to buy a sim card with data enabled. Data fees are additional and are about 0.28 USD / MB
Chinese double-entry visa (or Beijing Six Day (144 Hour) Free Visa) – Some nationalities may qualify for the new Free Beijing six-day Visa when flying in and out of Pyongyang and the new Free 24-hour Dandong Visa. Contact us for more information. RE:  Note: For more information, contact the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in your country of residence.

Upgrades and Options (upon availability)

Please contact us with any special requests
Single Room – A supplement fee (private single room): Add +50 Euro per night
Economy – One-way Flight from Pyongyang to Beijing or Beijing to Pyongyang: Add +150 Euro
First Class – One-way Flight from Pyongyang to Beijing or Beijing to Pyongyang: Add +250 Euro
Private Airport Pick-Up (or drop off) – clients will be met by a private car at the airport: Add +25 Euro
Room upgrades available for additional charges
Train Connection from Beijing to Dandong or Dandong to Beijing Add +50~60 Euro one-way (Different Classes available | Based on Availability | Book early to guarantee)

A Map of our Program from our Chinese Business Partner

Social Responsibility

Paektu Cultural Exchange is a social enterprise dedicated to promoting ethical business with a focus on social impact. A significant portion of the delegation fees will support Paektu Cultural Exchange’s Project Samjiyon, providing school supplies and language learning materials to less accessible rural elementary schools in northern Kanggye and Chagang provinces. This is a joint project between Paektu Cultural Exchange and ministry-level DPRK government partners. All donated materials are strictly designed to benefit primary school children and their educators.

Note: This tour is run in cooperation with our Chinese business partner InDPRK, a North Korean focused business travel company. 

Disclaimer: This itinerary is tentative and subject to some changes. It is quite normal and expected for small changes to occur on any delegation to the DPRK. PCE and our hosts always do our best to accommodate within our abilities. In the event of itinerary changes, PCE will arrange relevant alternative activities. All payments are subject to PCE terms and conditions.




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