MADE IN DPRK: Full Trip (Parts 1 & 2)
Exploring and Understanding North Korea’s Rural Markets, Manufacturing & New Consumerism Trends

October 1st to 9th/10th 2017

(9 Days / 8 Nights)

Yanji | Tumen | Rason (SEZ) | Chongjin | Chilbosan | Kyongsong | Orang | Pyongyang | Pyongsong | Pyongyang | Sinuiju | Dandong | Beijing |


Paektu Cultural Exchange, in collaboration with its advisors and DPRK government partners, has designed this academic travel program called MADE IN DPRK in order to explore and understand the DPRK’s rural markets, manufacturing, and new trends in consumerism. Participants in this program will experience three dynamically different regions of the DPRK (Rason SEZ, North Hamgyong, and Pyongyang), as well as China’s quickly developing north-eastern region, Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture.

Participants will visit factories, shops and local markets to observe methods of production, manufacturing, and distribution, and see trade and joint investment projects throughout the country. This program aims, in part, to give visitors a firsthand look at the DPRK’s growing economy and its new consumers through direct observation of business enterprises, site inspections and face-to-face discussions with DPR Koreans and other benefactors engaged in various economic activities. In turn, participants will gain knowledge about methods of positive engagement, collaboration and ethical business, investment and trade.

The extension for this itinerary also includes participation in the national holiday celebrations for the Worker’s Party of Korea (WPK) Anniversary on October 10 and the rare chance to see the Military Hardware Exhibition House of the Korean People’s Army, an underground bunker complex and the unique experience of sleeping at a rural coastal homestay, around the time of “추석” (Chusok) the Korean traditional Thanksgiving holiday.

On-site visit to a local a grocery store within a department store. Pyongyang, DPRK (Paektu Cultural Exchange).


 Witness the DPRK’s unique economy through on-site visits to factories, departments stores, banks, markets (장마당), modern boutique shops and meet with labors, factory workers, officials and stakeholders
  Celebrate the Worker’s Party of Korea (WPK) Anniversary with locals in Sinuiju (+1 day)
  Work alongside fisherman, farmers and other laborers to experience & evaluate some of the labor practices of this independent socialist nation
  Travel through 8 different provinces and by train, flight, and private coach to see key cities, rural towns, fishing villages, farms and the DPRK-China borderland areas
  Engage and converse with DPRK university, middle school, and elementary school students through interactive learning activities
  Visit art galleries, museums, revolutionary sites and special visits to an underground bunker complex and the Exhibition House of Military Hardware of the Korean People’s Army
  Visit local and top restaurants around the country and take part in private cooking class
  Take in the pristine natural beauty of DPRK’s East Sea coastlines, the Chilbo Mountain Range, the Tumen River Triangle Area and more
  Exchanges stories and play games with rural families and experience a unique overnight stay at a local DPRK family’s home
  Attend closing farewell dinner & cocktail party at Fujimoto Kenji’s new Sushi and Ramen Restaurant

Final inspection and packaging at a site visit to the Susongchon Combined Foodstuff Factory in Chongjin DPRK (Paektu Cultural Exchange).

PCE utilizes its high-level contacts with government officials and more than 20 years of relationships (Kr:관계, Cn:关系) to organize unique meetings and activities that would otherwise not be possible.

A private visit with our four expert guides during a factory visit in Pyongyang, DPRK (Paektu Cultural Exchange).

Social Responsibility

Paektu Cultural Exchange is a social enterprise dedicated to promoting ethical business with a focus on social impact. A significant portion of the delegation fees will support Paektu Cultural Exchange’s Project Samjiyon, providing school supplies and language learning materials to less accessible rural elementary schools in northern Kanggye and Chagang provinces. This is a joint project between Paektu Cultural Exchange and ministry-level DPRK government partners. All donated materials are strictly designed to benefit primary school children and their educators.


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