MADE IN DPRK: Part 2 – Pyongyang & Victory Day

Exploring and Understanding North Korea’s Rural Markets*, Manufacturing & New Trends in Consumerism 

JULY 25th to 28th/29th 2017 | Part 2 – Pyongyang & Victory Day – 5 Days / 4 Nights

Beijing | Pyongsong | Pyongyang | Sinuiju | Dandong | Beijing

* The rural market will be visited on the first half of this delegation and not included in this, the Pyongyang & Victory Day part.


Paektu Cultural Exchange, in collaboration with its advisors and DPRK government partners,  has a designed this academic travel program called MADE IN DPRK to explore and understand North Korea’s rural markets, manufacturing, and new trends in consumerism. This program is targeting academics & professionals (but is open to all, except journalists) to experience first-hand, Pyongyang the capital of the DPRK.

We will visit factories, shops, to observe methods of production, manufacturing, distribution, and see trade and joint investments throughout the country. This trip aims, in part, to give visitors a firsthand look at the DPRK’s growing economy and its new consumers through direct observation of business enterprises, site inspections and face-to-face discussions with DPR Koreans, Chinese and other benefactors engaged in various economic activities.

The itinerary for July also includes participation in Pyongyang’s national holiday celebrations for Victory Day on July 27 and the rare chance to see the Military Hardware Exhibition House of the Korean People’s Army and an underground bunker complex.

This program will explore the sensitive relationships between the DPRK and China, Russia, South Korea, the United States, while also looking at creative methods of engagement for collaboration, for positive exchanges and ethical business, investment and trade.

On-site visit to a local a grocery store within a department store. Pyongyang, DPRK (Paektu Cultural Exchange).

✪  Your Guide: This journey will be lead by Michael Spavor, who has met Marshall Kim Jong Un on multiple occasions and is the individual responsible for taking former NBA superstar Dennis Rodman to the DPRK. Michael arranges delegations to trade fairs, investment seminars, international sports and cultural events to the DPRK and has two decades of experience living in the region and is fluent in the North Korean dialect. He will accompany the group and conduct interactive discussions to offer his insight and experience as well share some fascinating and humorous anecdotes along the way.

 A portion of your delegation fees goes to support our Paektu Rural Education Initiative, which donates basic (non-sanctioned) school supplies and education materials to rural elementary schools in northern Kanggye and Chagang provinces to support early childhood education in less fortunate regions of the country. This is a joint project between Paektu Cultural Exchange and our ministry level DPRK government partner. All donated materials are non-dual use and designed to benefit primary school children.

Paektu Cultural Exchange utilizes its high-level contacts with government officials and more than 20 years of relationships or “Gwan Gye” (Kr:관계, Cn:关系) to organize unique and special meetings, opportunities and activities on this program which would not otherwise be possible.

A private visit with our four expert guides during a factory visit in Pyongyang, DPRK (Paektu Cultural Exchange).


✪  Witness and experience DPRK’s unique economy through on-site visits to factories, departments stores, banks, modern boutique shops and meet with labourers, factory workers, officials, and stakeholders.

✪  Attend the festivities on the July 27th (7.27) national holiday to celebrate DPRK’s Victory Day (may include parades, the Mass Dance with hundreds of Pyongyang university students and other events)

  Engage and converse with DPRK university, middle school, and elementary school students through interactive learning activities and visits.

✪  Art galleries, museums, revolutionary sites, and very rare and special visits to an underground bunker complex and the Exhibition House of Military Hardware of the Korean People’s Army.  

✪  Visit local and top restaurants around the country and take part private cooking class from a famous restaurant.

 A closing farewell dinner & cocktail party at Fujimoto Kenji’s brand new Sushi and Ramen Restaurant.

Female laborer on a cosmetics factory assembly line producing soap, Sinuiji, DPRK (Paektu Cultural Exchange).


JULY 25th to 28th/29th 2017 | Part 2 – Pyongyang & Victory Day – 5 Days / 4 Nights (Fly in train out)

 Price: 1490 Euro per person

(Note: Current academics and students may apply and qualify for an academic grant. Contact Us for more information.)

Deposit: 415 Euro to reserve your place

Deadline: Apply before July 3rd, 2017 (Americans & Japanese before June 26th, 2017)

 Options: Fly out option to Pyongyang (+100 Euro)

 Trip Extensions

 Sinuiju Extension (+1 day) Arrive in Beijing 30th by Train – This option can be added to any trip departing the DPRK by train through the Sinuiju / Dandong Border.

Final inspection and packaging at a site visit to the Susongchon Combined Foodstuff Factory in Chongjin DPRK (Paektu Cultural Exchange).

“MADE IN DPRK “9 Day & 6 Day Programs

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JULY 20th to 28th 2017 | Parts 1 & 2 – Full Delegation (9 Days / 8 Nights)

 Price: 2190 Euro per person

(Note: Current academics and students may apply and qualify for an academic grant. Contact Us for more information.)

Deposit: 415 Euro to reserve your place

✪ JULY 20th to 25th 2017 | Part 1 – NE DPRK & Yanbian  MADE IN DPRK: Exploring and Understanding North Korea’s Rural Markets, Manufacturing & New Trends in Consumerism

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NE DPRK & China –  1590 Euro – North Hamgyong, Rason (SEZ) and Yanbian (Drive in Drive out) –  (link coming soon)

Locations:  Yanji | Tumen | Rason (SEZ) | Chongjin | Chilbosan | Kyongsong | Orang | Hoeryong | Namyang | Tumen | Yanji


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