Paektu Tours:

The Dragon Boat Festival Tour to Pyongyang & the DMZ, North Korea 

June 15th to 19th, 2018 (Train in Train out)

5 Days / 4 Nights

999 Euro

Dandong | Pyongyang | Kaesong | DMZ Panmunjom | Dandong


Join Paektu Cultural Exchange for the 2018 Dragon Boat Festival. The 5-day tour begins on June 15th in Dandong City, a Chinese border city which lies across the Yalu River, where participants will have a trip briefing on what to expect while in the DPRK from experienced experts. A train ride through the DPRK countryside will take you to Pyongyang where you will see the grand bronze statues of Kim Il-Sung and Kim Jung-Il, followed by dinner with our local hosts and then you will check-in to the Sosan Sports Hotel, after which you will be able to take an evening walk to see the lovely night scenes of Pyongyang including the newly built Mirae Scientists Street. The next day includes a walk from Pyongyang Theater to Kim Il-Sung Square and the nearby Foreign Languages Book Shop where you can buy interesting souvenirs, a visit to the International Football School in Ryomyong New Town, shopping at the Miniso Retail Store, boating in the Taedonggang River, and a look inside the Grand People’s Study House before taking a bus to Kaesong. The following day there will be a visit to the DMZ and the Panmunjom Joint Security Area as well as a visit to the Koryo Dynasty Museum. A bus will take you back to Pyongyang so you can be amazed by the talented performances at the Mangyongdae Children’s Place, shop among locals at the Kwangbok Area Supermarket, and finally enjoy a festival atmosphere at the Kaeson Youth Amusement Park. On the following day, we will visit a cooperative farm to learn about local farming practices, and then cruise around Pyongyang to take in sights such as the Juche Tower, the Pyongyang Metro, the Arch of Triumph, and Kim Il-Sung University. To cap off the last night in Pyongyang, we will get some beer at the famous Taedonggang River Beer brewpub. On June 19th, the tour group returns to Dandong, China by train.


Row boats with locals and experience Pyongyang from the Taedonggang river
Mansudae Grand Monument – 22-meter tall statues of Leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il
Walk around Ryomyong Street and visit shops including the Miniso shop
Sightseeing around Pyongyang including Kim Il-Sung Square, the Foreign Language Bookstore, Pyongyang Metro, Juche Tower, Arch of Triumph, Worker’s Party Monument, Pyongyang International Soccer School, the Grand People’s Study Hall, Mangyongdae Children’s Palace, and a Cooperative Farm
Shopping at the Gwangbok Department Store & Business center
Drive to Kaesong and visit Panmunjom, the Joint Security Area located within the DMZ and the Koryo Dynasty Museum
Experience a train ride through the DPRK countryside



 Day 1:  Friday, June 15th, 2018 

- Receive DPRK visas and train tickets
-At 8:20 am, meet at the Dandong Railway Station
-10:00 am train from Dandong to Pyongyang across the bridge at Sinuiju
-Pass through the Sinuiju Special Administrative Region by train, arriving at Pyongyang Station – 5:50 pm arrival and look around Pyongyang Railway Station
Visit the Mansudae Grand Monuments of Kim Il-Sung & Kim Jung-Il
Chollima Statue
Night walking Tour around the Mirae (Future) Scientists Street and learn about North Korea’s new policies for scientists and intellectuals.
Welcoming dinner reception with our DPRK partners and hosting organizations
- Overnight: Sosan Sports Hotel

Mansudae Grand Monuments of Kim Il-Sung & Kim Jung-Il overlook a plaza in Pyongyang. A grand mosaic of Mount Paektu can be seen in the background and they are flanked by revolutionary monuments. Pyongyang, DPRK. (Paektu Cultural Exchange)

Day 2:  Saturday, June 16th, 2018

Walk from Pyongyang Theatre to Kim Il-Sung Square, the largest square in North Korea where grand parades are often held.
Visit the Foreign Language Bookstore to buy books on DPRK history and other souvenirs
Visit the Pyongyang International Soccer School and find out how the DPRK cultivates football talent, possibly even play a game with them!
 Walk around Ryomyong Street, a street of high rise buildings and the Miniso Retail Store, a premium product store.
Boating on the Taedonggang River
Visit the Grand People’s Study House where North Korean students and adults learn foreign languages and other subjects. Here we can communicate with students in English and other foreign languages.
– Bus to Kaesong
– Overnight: Kaesong Folk Village Hotel

Day 3:  Sunday, June 17th, 2018

Take a day trip to Panmunjom which is the heavily fortified border between North and South Korea, and is where many high-level talks between the two countries take place
✪ Pass through the Arch of Reunification, where two young women in traditional dresses come together representing the southern and northern parts of the Korean peninsula.
Visit the nearby Koryo Museum of history and culture as well as the famous stamp and propaganda postcard shop
– Return to Pyongyang
Watch choreographed performances at the Mangyongdae Children’s Palace
Visit the Gwangbok Department Store & Business center where you can convert your money to local currency and go shopping where the locals do
Enjoy the Night Kaesong Youth Amusement Park, a small amusement park where you can go on rides and mingle with locals
– Overnight: Sosan Sports Hotel

The Panmunjom Joint Security Area, many of the peninsulas defining events have happened here. Kaesong, DPRK. (Paektu Cultural Exchange)

Day 4:  Monday, June 18th, 2018

Visit Jangchun Cooperative Farm where you’ll learn about DPRK farming technology and observe how farmers and their families live on a cooperative farm
Panoramic view of Pyongyang from the top of the Juche Tower
Take a ride of the Pyongyang Subway while admiring beautiful mosaics on the walls
Visit the Arch of Triumph
Former Kim Il-Sung University site
Evening drinks at a local Taedonggang River craft beer bar for 50 US cents a pint

– Overnight: Sosan Sports Hotel

Day 5:  Tuesday, June 19th, 2018

Take a look around Pyongyang Station
- Depart at 10 am (K28) from Pyongyang Station to Sinuiju/Dandong
Enjoy the views of the DPRK countryside from your train car or sit in the restaurant car sharing food and drinks with locals
Korean style on lunch on the train
- Arrive in Sinuiju
- Our train will cross the bridge from Sinuiju to Dandong arriving at about 5 pm


Cost: 999 Euro

Deposit: 350Euro to reserve your place (remaining balance must be paid prior to departure)
Tour Application Deadline: May 25th, 2018


 All meals (breakfasts, lunches, and dinners; meals include water and beer, except on train)
Return Train tickets from Dandong (China) – Pyongyang-Dandong
Transportation within the DPRK during the program
 Accommodation in the DPRK (standard room, double occupancy)
 Travel insurance: All of our guests are insured during the entire trip to the DPRK.
 Smiles, jokes, anecdotes, basic DPR Korean language skills and some fun and interesting stories to go along with each day’s activities

Not Included

✪  Tips for our Korean guides and driver minimum 5 Euro (50 RMB) per person per day
In-house laundry, telephone fax, pay TV, drinks and other personal consumption
  Some other optional tickets such as Juche Tower 5 Euro, and rides at amusement parks
✪ DPRK visa fee (50 Euro)
 Chinese double-entry visa (or Beijing Six Day (144 Hour) Free Visa) – Some nationalities may qualify for the new Free Beijing six-day Visa when flying in and out of Pyongyang and the new Free 24-hour Dandong Visa. Contact us for more information. RE:  Note: For more information, contact the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in your country of residence.
 Meal on trains
 Additional snacks, liquor and alcohol (e.g. ~0.5–2 Euro per beer)
 Souvenirs, personal expenses, and other amenities
  Mobile phone and data communication services: About 200 USD to buy a sim card with data enabled. Data fees are additional and are about 0.28 USD / MB

Upgrades and Options (upon availability)

  Train Connection from Beijing to Dandong or Dandong to Beijing Add +50~60 Euro one-way (Different Classes available  | Based on Availability | Book early to guarantee)
 Single Room – A supplement fee (private single room): Add +50 Euro per night
 Economy –Flight from Pyongyang to Beijing or Beijing to Pyongyang: Add +150 Euro
 First Class – Return Flight from Pyongyang to Beijing: Add +250 Euro
 Private Airport Pick-Up (or drop off) – clients will be met by a private car at the airport: Add +25 Euro
 Room upgrades available for additional charges
 Please contact us with any special requests

About the Dragon Boat Festival

The Dragon Boat Festival is a celebration of an event that occurred in the 3rd century B.C.. A Chinese minister that was exiled by his own nation, killed himself by drowning himself in a river after the fall of his nation, proving his deep loyalty toward the empire he served. During his exile, he wrote poems that are highly regarded in Eastern cultures. Many Chinese cultures and those that have been influenced by China’s first empires throughout the oriental-sphere celebrate the man’s sacrifice by celebrating the holiday, racing dragon-shaped boats and honoring him with other assorted river activities.

In 2018 the Dragon Boat Festival is celebrated from June 16th to 18th and it a popular time to take a vacation in China and in Asia.

Note: This tour is run in cooperation with our partner InDPRK, a North Korean focused travel company.

Disclaimer: This itinerary is tentative and subject to some changes. It is quite normal and expected for small changes to occur on any delegation to the DPRK. PCE and our hosts always do our best to accommodate within our abilities. In the event of itinerary changes, PCE will arrange relevant alternative activities. All payments are subject to PCE terms and conditions.


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