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Quite an amazing interview here with american defector Joe Dresnok’s two sons Ted and James. From the North Korean Minjok TV (민족TV).

My chance and brief meeting with the late Joe Dresnok

I never met his two son’s but I did meet their father “Joe”, who passed away suddenly last year. When I lived and worked in Pyongyang in 2005, I said hello to a man whom I assumed was Russian, because of his communist style clothing.

I asked where he was from and he said “I’m an American, I live here” he then asked me where I was from and I told him I’m Canadian and working at the Korea Computer Center (KCC).

I asked what he did and he just said “Oh I’ve been here a long time” and the conversation didn’t go much further and we continued shopping and I said a simple goodbye when I left.

So I had no idea who he was until I saw Koryo’s film “Crossing the line” (2006), and then realized it was Dresnok.

Joe Dresnok holding his Pyongyang resident card in the 2006 film “Crossing the line”

Joe Dresnok in the 2006 film “Crossing the line”

In 2005, it wasn’t common to ask other foreigners too many questions when you met them on the street, or some people didn’t really want to chat so I wouldn’t push it.

If you were in Munsudong (문수동), the diplomatic compound, expats were very open and quite curious to find out what others were doing in Pyongyang, but out on the streets and around town people mostly kept to themselves.

About the interview

It is in Korean but just watch to see how perfect their North Koren accents are and in DPRK military uniform serving in the Korean People’s Army (KPA) in an education department and as an officer respectfully.

Click to see video here.

NK News did a nice summary of the interview here.
Note: I highly recommend anyone interested in learning more about Joe Dresnok to watch the documentary of his life, narated by none other than Christian Slater, yes Christian Slater “Crossing the line

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  1. Hi, I saw the interview today and its an amazing and surrealistic piece actually ! Perfect North Korean accent ! Unfortunately I didn’t had the chance to meet Dresnok or other special foreigners during my 2 years in Pyongyang ( 1990-1992 ) as in those days Koreans went out of their way not to mix different group of foreigners

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