Dandong, China (may involve travel to the DPRK)

Paektu Cultural Exchange (Paektu Group)

Position Description:
Paektu Cultural Exchange is hiring a Junior Office Manager with a strong knowledge and understanding of issues related to the DPRK, business development, marketing, professional writing, and project management. The candidate hired for this position will require strong critical thinking skills to help develop creative ideas and solutions to unique and challenging projects in a very special region of the world. The ideal candidate will have a keen interest in travel, education, meeting new people in an environment where one can develop an in-depth first-hand understanding of the DPRK while gaining a wealth of international and DPRK specific experience.

This position provides benefits which can include a monthly salary, accommodation, performance bonuses, and Chinese or Korean (DPRK dialect) language lessons, based on the requirements of the selected applicant.

– Managing new and current social networks
– Managing interns and other general office related tasks
– General outreach and external promotion
– Creative writing on organization activities and topics, themes, and products relating to the DPRK
– Developing and maintaining communication with existing and potential clients
– Public relations correspondence
– Assisting with business development and marketing strategies
– Business proposal development
– Assisting with organizing and planning aspects of delegations and official projects, including visa applications, research, logistics and other administrative tasks


Our Chinese-Korean staff member demonstrating electronic products at a trade fair in North Korea.

Qualifications and Experience:
– Undergraduate degree
– Native English fluency with strong professional verbal and written communication skills
– Proficiency in general office software, and relevant internet platforms  (i.e. WordPress, Trello, Mailchimp)
– Social Media Expertise in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google+
– Previous travel or work experience in North Korea or other parts of Asia

Ideal Personality and Character:
– A keen interest in travel, meeting new people, and exploration
– Passionate about developing a greater understanding of many aspects of the DPRK through hands-on experiences, direct contact, and relationship building
– A genuine compassion for people and improving international relations through cultural exchanges and other initiatives
– A strong interest in and passion for exchange and engagement activities with the DPRK
– Excellent organizational, interpersonal, and networking skills
– Attention to detail, and the ability to prioritize tasks
– Ability to work independently and as part of a team

Language exchange activities at a middle school in Pyongyang.

Ideal Qualifications and Experience (not mandatory):
– Experience working with the DPRK in some capacity
– Post-graduate degree, and other relevant life experience
– Fluent Chinese or Korean verbal and written communication skills
– Translation experience (Korean or Chinese to English)
– General knowledge of photo & video editing

Academic Backgrounds and Interests:
Marketing, Business, Communications, International Trade, International Relations, Korean or Chinese Languages, Computer Science, Administration, Investment, Economics, among other fields

– Opportunities to learn and practice Korean and Chinese language
– Hands-on experience working in the fields international relations, international business, negotiation, project management, and development
– Opportunities to accompany delegations and business missions to the DPRK
– A benefits package will be arranged to suit individual candidates needs and will be discussed in detail upon serious consideration and can include support for the following: housing, monthly salary, performance bonuses, and or private DPR Korean or Chinese language classes.

Application Procedures & Deadlines:
– Submit CV / Resume and Cover Letter by email
– Include in the email your full name, position of interest, and what interests you about working with the DPRK?

For more information or any questions about the position please contact Paektu Cultural Exchange at contact@paektuculturalexchange.org


NOTE: We may require more than staff member to fulfill these responsibilities, so if you do not have all the skills listed above we still encourage your application. We need individuals who are able to relocate to Dandong for full-time positions. Dandong is the main trade and cultural hub between China and the DPRK. There is a large Korean ethnic minority, as well as many ROK and DPR Korean laborers and business people. The city is located on the banks of the Yalu River in the Liaoning Province, around 80 percent of China’s trade volume with the DPRK passes through Dandong across the Sino-Korean Friendship Bridge to Sinuiju.

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