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Position Description:
Remote research assistant for an upcoming humanitarian developmental program focused on tree replantation and ecological restoration projects in the DPRK, specifically in the field of Forestry.

Trees in the DPRK provide a habitat for wildlife, purify water sources, control flooding and erosion which protect sensitive rural housing areas and help to replenish the soil with nutrients needed for farming and other agricultural purposes.

– 2-3 hours worth of research a week
– Report & proposal writing
– Online research

Qualifications and Experience:
An interest in Environmental Science, Forestry, or related fields
– Interested in the DPRK and developmental and humanitarian projects

Research Assistants must be well organized, enthusiastic, able to work without supervision, able to quickly learn new skills, have very strong attention to detail and meticulous notebook keeping, show capacity to work both independently and collaboratively, be strongly self-motivated, communicate clearly and cooperate with supervisors and co-workers, and solve unique problems.

Application Procedures & Deadlines:
– Submit CV / Resume and Cover Letter by email
– Include in the email your full name, position of interest, and what interests you about working with the DPRK?

Internship Dates:

Open applications from late June 2018 onwards

For more information or any questions about the position please contact Paektu Cultural Exchange at contact@paektuculturalexchange.org


NOTE: We may require more than one intern to fulfill these responsibilities, so if you do not have all the skills listed above we still encourage your application. 

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