Despite Sanctions and Political Tensions North Korea Welcomes Visitors to its 20th Annual Pyongyang International Spring Trade Fair


Pyongyang, North Korea (DPRK) – The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea will be hosting its Pyongyang International Spring Trade Fair this upcoming May 22nd to 25th, 2017. The annual fair will take place at the Third Revolution Exhibition House in the Sosong District of Pyongyang.

A comprehensive trade and investment-focused delegation has been organized to explore first-hand the trade and investment opportunities in North Korea, attend the trade fair as well as learn more about the current economic environment and the effects of international sanctions.

Paektu Cultural Exchange (PCE), a Canadian based, non-governmental organization and official partner of the trade fair will host both a 5 and 7-day trip from May 19th to 23 (or 26th) 2017. Those interested can find out more information about the trip on the PCE website. The deadline to register for this event is May 3rd 2017.

The Korean International Exhibition Corporation (KIEC), has been hosting the Pyongyang International Trade Fair since 1989 with the aim of breaking into new markets and boosting trade and multilateral cooperation with various regions and countries in the world on the principle of mutual economic benefit and fair trade practices. KIEC oversees the introduction of new companies and products, new markets and investments, and offers consultation on trade and various joint-venture policies.

Since 2000, two trade fairs have been held annually in Pyongyang—one in spring and one in autumn. They promote not only friendly economic ties but also scientific and cultural exchange with interested states and individuals. In addition to domestic companies, enterprises from around 16 countries (to include Australia, Cambodia, China, Cuba, Germany, Italy, Indonesia, Mongolia, New Zealand, Poland, Russia, Singapore, Switzerland, and Vietnam) have reportedly attended these past trade fairs.

Past exhibitions have showcased a variety of products including domestically produced personal electronics, home appliances, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, clothing, food products, vehicles, as well as new and innovative products in energy conservation, environmental protection, transportation, and communications.

Participants will be able to rent a booth to display, advertise, and sell their products and services. This is a unique opportunity for North Korean businessmen to interact with foreign investors, get feedback on their own products and services and help promote collaboration and innovation. This is also where newly established North Korean companies can make their international debut while uniquely advertising, marketing, and displaying their products and services.

Guests and participants will also attend the opening ceremonies of the 20th annual 2017 Pyongyang International Spring Trade Fair and have the rare opportunity to meet with North Korean businessmen who are keenly interested in purchasing foreign made products as well as demonstrating and selling their “Made in DPRK” products and services.

PCE delegation participants can also take part in interactive seminars and meetings with DPRK businessmen, government officials, Special Economic Zone representatives and foreign experts. Participants will also have the opportunity to visit the country’s top attractions, visit top restaurants and learn more about this special destination’s people and culture.

“This is a unique and exciting opportunity where foreign visitors are allowed to freely mingle with local citizens and to view many of the unique products and services which are only sold in the DPRK,” said Michael Spavor. PCE has been granted permission to bring a delegation to the trade fair as well as take part in private seminars and meetings to learn more about trade and investment laws, as well as conduct site inspections of prospective investment opportunities in this potentially emerging East Asian market.

Despite the recent decrease in imports and exports, the DPRK is committed to continuing interacting with the international community and promoting economic ties and friendship.

For further information on joining the delegation or to attend the Spring Trade Fair, please

contact Paektu Cultural Exchange at contact@paektuculturalexchange.org or visit their website at www.paektuculturalexchange.org


Paektu Cultural Exchange is a non-profit organization facilitating sustainable cooperation, cross-cultural exchanges involving sport, tourism, business and trade with the DPRK.


email: contact@paektuculturalexchange.org

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If you are a member of a news or media organization and you would like to request an interview, to attend the event or would like more information, please contact us here.


Despite these recent issues in the media, the DPRK remains to a safe place to visit. As with all of our projects and delegations, will make sure our guests are properly briefed before traveling to North Korea.


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