The ASFAF has been held every two years since 1982 when international musicians, artists, and performers are invited to Pyongyang, for 10 days of joint performances, joint cultural activities, special events, gala dinners, a fireworks display, mass dancing as well as visits to popular sites around the country.

In 2016, PCE attended and there were over 400 foreign performers from about 20 different countries. Often foreign embassies will send folk and or classical performance groups from their country to promote cultural relations and goodwill with the DPRK.

In 2016, at the previous ASFAF the Russian National Ballet Academy, as well as various music and performance groups participated from Japan, China, the United States, Australia, Ukraine, Cuba, Peru, Finland, Vietnam, Malaysia, Belarus, France, Mongolia, and Bengali. In addition, there were also circus performances from Russia, Mongolia, the US, and Belarus.

This year’s 2018 ASFAF is expecting to host over 500 foreign performers from over 20 different countries including dozens of local performances.

International performers at previous ASFAF’s were also attended rare concerts by the popular Moranbong Band, the Chongbong Band, and the Samjiyon Band as well as dozens of local music, dance, and performances from DPRK performance groups.


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