The Winner of the August 2017 DPRK Product Giveaway is…

Ramon Sanders!!!
Congratulations on winning Pine mushroom flavored toothpaste,
a DPRK language booklet and the military equipment calendar!

We want to give a big thank you to everyone who entered the draw and took time to suggest new prize ideas. You can definitely expect to see some of these suggestions in our future giveaways!
And make sure that you have a look at our programs page for your opportunity to explore and acquire your own MADE in DPRK products on one of our upcoming trips.

Note: The winner’s name was chosen randomly chosen from our Facebook post according to the contest rules.
  • During October 1-9, 2017, we will be learning more about MADE in DPRK products through an exploration of North Korea’s rural markets, manufacturing, and new trends in consumerism. (Download the PDF here)
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Thanks again to everyone who participated and stay tuned for more!

Paektu Cultural Exchange is a non-profit organization facilitating sustainable cooperation through cross-cultural exchanges involving sport, tourism, business and trade with the DPRK.

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